Big News!

Later this month, I’m opening an Etsy shop!  I also hope to have my very own website up & running by the end of the year!  The shop & website will be called The Timid Kitty, after my very sweet, yet very shy cat, KittyPuff.

In the shop, I plan to sell cross-stitched and embroidered items, handcrafted birdhouses, ornaments, and other things that I find myself creating.  I also plan to sell my son’s handmade pens and wands (for all those Harry Potter fans out there).  Other handmade items will be added, as they come along.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress toward opening shop.  Right now, I have just a few items to list; have to photograph them first and I’m not very good at that (need practice!).

In other news, I just finished stitching my mother-in-law’s Christmas gift.  It’s a cute little Furry Tales design by Lucie Heaton.  As you all know, I absolutely LOVE her designs :-)  My mom-in-law saw this as I was stitching it (before I decided who the recipient would be) and was taken by how cute it was.  I’m thinking about making it into a little pillow ornament, but we’ll have to wait and see :-)

Happy Stitching!

(Now I’m going to go put the groceries away!)

The Big Reveal

girl 1 girl 2 girl 3 girl 4

The wait is over!  Here are some pix of my “big project”

I found these country girls in the Spring 2014 issue of Cute Cross Stitch; they were designed by the brilliantly talented Joan Elliott.  They are meant to be stitched as Thank You cards, but I thought they would be lovely in a 4-aperture frame (like window panes).  I began stitching on March 15, 2014, and finished the last girl on September 3, 2014.  Obviously, that works out to more than the estimated 11 hours each, but, as you have probably read in previous posts, I’ve had some issues with my stitching mojo ;-)

I’m going to find a safe place to hide these beauties until I can take them to be framed.  I’m quite proud of how they turned out and plan to hang them in a prominent place :-D

I’m trying to decide what to stitch next, but I have so many lovely projects to choose from…it’s nearly impossible to decide!

In the meantime, I’ve stitched a small Christmas ornament (nothing overly special, so I didn’t bother taking a picture).  It will make a nice little gift for someone, I’m sure.

Happy Stitching!


Just a quick note about two noteworthy ;-) happenings.  

1)  Last night, I finished my “big” project.  Hopefully, I’ll be posting pix very soon :-)  I’m very proud of myself for finishing.  I began the project in March, took a long break a few months ago, and finally finished.  Now I can decide on my next cross-stitch project.  I think it’ll probably be something small…maybe a Christmas ornament or something for autumn.  We’ll see what catches my eye :-)

2) I lost 2.2 lbs. this week!  WHOOT!  Grand total of 35 lbs. gone and (hopefully) never to return :-D  

Have a lovely day!  Happy Stitching!


stupid, Stupid, STUPID, STU-PID!

Yep, that’s how I felt a few days ago.  Stupid.

Have you ever been stitching along and ended up confusing yourself?  BTDT…recently.

I was happily stitching part 4 of my big project (yay!) when I found what I thought was a HUGE mistake.  So, I looked at the stitching and I looked at the pattern and I looked at the floss numbers…then I did it all again…something just wasn’t adding up.  So, I compared them all AGAIN…and realized that I needed to…gulp…unpick an entire section.  What a colossal Pain in the Patootie!

But, I did it and started re-stitching that area in the…ahem…correct color.  After I completed the section for the second time, something just didn’t look right.  So, I looked at the stitching and I looked at the pattern and I looked at the floss numbers…and something wasn’t adding up…again!  That’s when I realized that it was correct the FIRST TIME!  So, I commenced to unpick and re-stitch the section AGAIN, double-checking that i was using the correct color.

Now, I’m finally past that section.  I was so traumatized that I had to take a day off from stitching just to get my mojo back, lol.

I plan to spend the rest of this afternoon and evening cross-stitching and watching TV.  I might do the same thing tomorrow…unless I have to unpick something, then all bets are off!

Happy Stitching!!

Where Has Summer Gone?

It seems like just a few days since I wrote my last post, but it’s been…gulp…2 months!  I swear that I just barely blinked and summer is almost over!

I hope you’ve all been having a great summer!  Mine has been fairly dull, TBH.  We’ve hung around the house a lot.  I’ve cleaned and worked around the house.  Hubby has done a good bit of yard work when he’s not at the office or helping with youth activities at church or in a meeting at church.  Daughter has been working hard and enjoying her job.  I finally jumped in the pool with Hubby last weekend – yes, it was my first time this summer!  I think it was only his 2nd time swimming.  We’ve had such a wet summer, there hasn’t been much chance to swim…and the water is pretty chilly, too!  

I haven’t been doing much cross-stitching, thanks to tendonitis or something that’s making my arm ache (probably too much Candy Crush, lol).  I did manage to complete the 3rd part of my big project.  I’ve started the final section and am trying to stitch a bit on it each day; we’ll have to see how that works out ;-)  

As some of you know, I’ve been trying to find a part-time job for about 2 years.  Still no success, though I was finally called for an interview.  I really wanted that job, but it just wasn’t meant to be, I guess.  Oh, well…I’ll just keep looking and applying :-)  Being out of the workforce for 21 years isn’t helping my search, but I would not trade that time with the kids for anything.

I’ve been doing some canning this summer.  So far, I’ve made strawberry jam, peach jam, bread & butter pickles, zesty cucumber relish, and sweet cucumber relish.  I want to make more peach jam, as well as can some peaches.  Hubby requested corn relish and several kinds of salsa.  I will definitely make apple butter this fall, and I’m thinking about putting up a batch of Italian-seasoned tomato sauce to use when I make spaghetti.  Then, of course, there are a few things I want to try, just because they look interesting…more on that another time :-)  

Well, it’s just a little after 7pm.  Daughter and I just got home from Friendly’s, where we had supper – a little bit of girls’ night since Hubby is helping with a project at his parents’ house.  I think I’m going to load the dryer, turn on the TV, and cross-stitch as long as I can.

Happy Stitching!


Hunting II

A murder has occurred in Canada.  My dad shot a black bear earlier this week.  This is the 5th or 6th bear that he has “harvested” since he started making his annual pilgrimage to the killing grounds known as Long Lake Adventures.

Please don’t misunderstand – I love & respect my dad, really, I do.  He worked hard to provide for our family and deserves to enjoy his golden years.  I just don’t agree with some of his choices.

I’ve realized that I can no longer pretend to support his involvement in this so-called sport, nor can I remain silent about it.  My reaction would be quite different if he were hunting to provide food for his (or someone else’s) table, but that’s not the case. 

Trophy hunting, especially when animals are baited, is cruel and senseless murder.  In my opinion, there are only three good reasons an animal (wild or domestic) should be killed:  1) food; 2) severe illness; or 3) gross overpopulation. 

Baiting any animal should be illegal, period.