Into the Unknown

Wow!  I can’t believe I’m actually creating my very first blog entry…and on a day when I can think of absolutely nothing to write about!  Great.  So…I guess I’ll tell you a bit about myself and why I’m doing this blog thing. 

My name is Joy.  I live in Maryland with my Handsome Hubby, our Recent High-School Graduate, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a bird.  I have one Married Son and the resulting Lovely Daughter-in-Law.  My Recent Graduate is engaged and plans to wed in November (ack!). 

I’m a former homeschooling mom, and find myself yearning to attend another curriculum fair, even though I don’t need to.  I love animals, cooking, reading, cross-stitching, and machine embroidery.  I also enjoy writing (good thing, since I’m blogging!). 

I spend a portion of most days cross-stitching, making crafts, or working with the embroidery machine.  Soon, I hope to be able to offer some of my lovely creations for sale, probably on etsy.  I’ll probably start with some decorative birdhouses that I recently completed.

When I’m not doing housework, stitching, or crafting, I can be found letting the dogs out…and back in, ferrying the Recent Graduate to and from beauty school, and trying to stick to my diet (I want to lose some weight before The Big Day in November!). 

I hope you enjoy reading about our mishaps, adventures, and everyday stuff as I stitch my way through life!


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