Movie Quote Tuesday!

Attention Internet Peeps!  Today is Movie Quote Tuesday!

The rules are simple:  I post a movie quote.  If you know it (without aid of Google, Bing, or any other search engine), just post the movie title in the comments.  You’re welcome to post other info, too (character who said it, actor who played him/her, year the film was made, etc.).  If you guess correctly, you get….well, nothing, really, except the esteem of your peers 🙂

Today’s quote is:  “There’s been a homicide on Indian land.”

Best of luck!


3 thoughts on “Movie Quote Tuesday!

    • Nope, LOL! But I’ll give you a hint or two 😉 It’s a movie from the 1990’s and the person playing this character has had a successful TV career and has run for president! Ok, one more hint: the movie stars Val Kilmer. That’s all you’re getting for now 😛

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