Basket Cross-Stitch


I began stitching this pattern on May 15 and finished yesterday, May 23. Not bad for something I ended up not liking. The pattern is from Cross Country Stitching magazine; I modified it a good bit – removed a couple flowers, 2 hearts, a border, and a bunch of little black dots in the background because it was just too busy. By the time I finished, I realized that I didn’t care much for the colors (except the blue & red flowers). I will probably make this into a pillow or something to give as a gift.

On another note, the aida fabric I used was absolutely awful! I usually buy Charles Craft Gold Standard (14 ct.), but was on a tight budget this time and bought their Silver Standard (14 ct.) instead. I really didn’t think there would be much difference. I was SO very wrong! The weave was messy – some of the holes were “filled in” and it just didn’t feel as nice as the Gold Standard. I have another package of Silver Standard that I will use (can’t waste it!), but I will not buy it again. The lower cost is definitely not worth what I paid in frustration.


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