I’ve been jammin’

This morning, I canned 7 jars of strawberry jam! I’ve never made strawberry jam before, so it was an adventure…especially when the pot boiled over and jammy goodness flowed everywhere!

Fortunately, the boilover happened right at the end of the cooking time (whew!).  I quickly removed the pot from the heat and commenced filling jars with hot strawberry goodness. My kitchen smelled so yummylicious!

While the jars were processing and I took a quick potty break, Handsome Hubby surprised me by cleaning up the spill (and I didn’t even hint at that!).  He’s such a great guy 😀

So far, 6 of 7 jars have sealed; I’m happy camper!

Now, I’m doing laundry, cleaning house, and working at making potato salad and deviled eggs for a church picnic tomorrow. I’m a busy little bee today 🙂

This evening and tomorrow afternoon, I plan to cross stitch all afternoon and possibly complete two of the three small projects I’ve been working on!

Happy Stitching (or whatever is keeping you busy & content on this lovely weekend)!


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