Off I Go!

Well, I’ll be heading off to the craft store (one of my favorite places!) in a little while. I was able to choose a cross-stitch design for my next project and I need to buy fabric and stranded cotton. I’ll probably take a look at their pattern booklets and kits, too, just in case they have anything new since the last time I was in there.

Depending on how much I spend at the craft store, I may allow myself to indulge my other passion…purses! Yes, I just bought a new one a couple weeks ago, but I hate it. I definitely need a new one. Of course, I could go back to my all-time favorite, but I’m not in the mood to carry a red bag. Tomorrow, maybe, but not today 😉

In addition to all the design choosing, running around, and possible purse purchasing, I’m preparing for our church’s Treasure Hunt. It’s actually a big yard sale with a free kids’ area (face painting, etc.). I’m setting up a booth to sell some of my cross-stitch, embroidery, and birdhouses. My daughter is going to give manicures (she was recently licensed in Maryland!). The Handsome Hubby is going to help out by selling some of our random junk 😉 So, you can see that I have a few busy days ahead of me; not much time for stitching, unfortunately 😦 On Sunday, I plan to do nothing but attend church and then cross stitch all afternoon!

I hope you’re all happily stitching the day away!


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