Happy Anniversary!!

Today, my Handsome Hubby and I are celebrating our 23rd anniversary! Woo-Hoo!

We met in the fall of 1986 at Montgomery College. He was majoring in Mechanical Engineering and I had just changed my major to Financial Management. After a few months of chatting before class began, I finally hinted strongly enough and he asked me out. Unfortunately, it was to a dance and I wasn’t at all interested in attending! So, I suggested that we could maybe do something else; pizza & a movie was settled upon and we had our first date on 12/6/86. We dated more than 4 years, until he completed his engineering degree, then were married on Groundhog Day 1991. That’s rather appropriate because his family had a pet groundhog when Hubby was a child 🙂

Since then, we’ve raised two beautiful children (homeschooled, too!). We’ve seen our son get married (in 2012) and are looking forward to our daughter’s wedding (probably this year). Grandchildren can wait a while, though!

We’ve moved 3 times and almost moved to Colorado in 2007. Though it’s a wonderful place, we’re very glad we didn’t move there.

Our family has had all kinds of pets – at one point, we shared our home with 16 animals! Right now, we have 6 – 3 cats and 3 dogs. One of the cats and possibly one dog will be moving out with Daughter, eventually.

We’ve had our ups and downs (mostly ups) and, overall, it’s been a spectacular 23 years! I can’t wait to see what the next 23 years will bring!

Happy Stitching!


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