In a Handbasket? Really?!?!

Around 9am, all my wonderful plans for this beautiful, sunny Friday went to a Very Hot Place in a handbasket.

Seriously, the early morning went great!  I packed a nice lunch and shoved the Hubby out the door around 5:45.  Snuggled with my KittyPuff, ate breakfast, and read the newspaper.  Scrolled through all my friends’ facebook posts, fed the dogs, and managed to get Philip to stop barking…for a few minutes.  Sorted laundry and realized that I didn’t need to wash any clothes today (YAY!).  Like I said, things were going pretty well.

Until my vision started going wonky around 9am.  Ugh!  A migraine.  So, I took some medicine, closed the bedroom curtains, and snuggled under the covers to sleep it off.  Once Philip stopped barking (at absolutely NOTHING), I slept HARD until 1pm when Daughter woke me because…

The furnace wasn’t working.  Which meant that the water heater wasn’t working either.  Grreeaat.  So, head pounding and body trembling from lack of food (have I mentioned that I’m diabetic?), I called the fuel company.  They said they would send someone out this afternoon, but couldn’t give me a timeframe for his arrival.  OK.  Not a problem.  I’ll be here all day anyway and the house wasn’t too cold.  So, I made myself some lunch (leftover Citrus Chicken Tacos – YUM!) and settled in to wait for the repair dude.  Surprise!  He arrived within an hour or so!  The repair was something simple and he was out of here very quickly. 

Then, after a long, tiring day at work, Hubby made “breakfast for dinner” tonight and is planning to go out and get some ice cream in a little while.  I guess my day hasn’t turned out so badly after all…and Philip isn’t barking (for the moment, lol).  Maybe I’ll do a little stitching and watch some TV this evening…but first, I have to let the dogs out 😉

Happy Stitching!


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