OW! is Not My Friend

I have my stitching mojo back and was ready to continue on my current WIP and then…the dog bit the living snot out of my finger!  Our foster dog, Philip the Yorkie-Poo, didn’t like the way I was holding him, so he grabbed my pointer finger in his sharp little teeth and SHOOK it.  OW!  Double-OW!  My finger is all bruised, bloody, and swollen, so I can’t hold my embroidery hoop 😦  I guess my stitching mojo will just have to be on hold for a day or two.

There are days when I just love that little dog to pieces and days when I can’t wait for a good forever home to be found.  Obviously, today has been the latter :-\

Good news, though!  The shelter we’re working with has an applicant for Philip!  They’ve done the phone interview and things are looking quite promising.  Next comes the home visit where they’ll take Philip to meet the applicant and their dog (a Lhasa Apso).

Even though my mojo is on hold for a few days, I wish you all Happy Stitching!


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