I’ve Been Jammin’

Strawberries started arriving at the local produce stands about a week ago.  I visited my favorite orchard on Day 2 of strawberry season, purchasing 8 quarts of the ruby-red beauties.  I used most of them to make jam; the rest were eaten.  Ok, I’ll admit it!  I ate a quart of strawberries the first day!  They were so sweet and yummy and juicy and mmmmmmm!

Yesterday, I bought another 8 quarts of strawberries!  This morning, I made more jam.  But I also froze about 2 quarts.  Another quart or so are ready for fresh strawberry smoothies!  That will be a wonderful treat to share with Hubby tonight 🙂

In a few days, I’ll probably head back to the produce stand for more strawberries.  Yes, more jam will be made.  But most will probably be frozen or just eaten fresh.  Hubby’s birthday is coming up soon and he loves it when I make butternut pound cake with homemade fudge sauce and fresh strawberries.  Gotta keep my man happy 😉

In cross-stitchy news, well…there isn’t much stitchy news!  I haven’t been stitching much at all thanks to a bit of tendonitis in my arm; achy arms are not good for stitching!  It’s been frustrating, but I know my arm will feel better soon and then I’ll stitch like the wind!

Happy Stitching!



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