So, my dad is in Canada, bear “hunting.” I use the term “hunting” loosely because, IMO, sitting in a blind while waiting for a bear to approach a bait barrel is not truly hunting.  It’s not fair to the bear (or any other animal “hunted” in this manner).  I truly cannot understand the attraction to this “sport” or the desire to bring such “trophies” into one’s home.

Dear ol’ Dad has quite a few black bears, preserved in various ways, from a rug to a full, standing mount; enough to devote an entire room to the display.

I think it’s disgusting and have no desire to see his “trophies,” though I am expected to support & congratulate him on his excellent marksmanship and choice of prey (after all, if the bear he sees is too small, he can just wait for the next one!).

I guess I’m finally admitting to everyone what a few close friends have known for a long time…I despise trophy hunting. Hunting for food is different, and I’m not talking about that.  I’m against hunting when it’s purely for sport – to take a trophy, whether that be antlers, claws, or a fully-mounted carcass. 

There, I’ve said it.  Let the flaming begin…


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