I’m Baaack!

Finally, I have a chance to take a breath and get back to blogging!

Life in our household since 2015 has been incredibly full, but here’s a quick summary.  Right before I took my blogging vacation, my daughter got married and moved from Maryland to Nebraska.  My oldest child was already married, so the full impact of our Empty Nest set in.  Just as we were getting used to the empty nest, our daughter & her husband decided they didn’t much like the midwest, so they moved back here to live with us until they found employment and an apartment.  In April of 2016, my daughter gave birth to the loveliest child I’ve ever seen – my very first grandchild, a little girl!  A few months later, they all moved into a cute little apartment around the corner from us.  Life was good, even though I had no energy…but I was losing weight, so I didn’t care, LOL.  2017 brought a new grandchild (a boy!), a total weight loss of 83 pounds, some health issues for me (including severe anemia), and several medical procedures & surgeries.  My final surgery was right after Thanksgiving (6 hours & 7 incisions!!) and I’m feeling much better now!

So far, 2018 is looking pretty good, even though I’ve gained back about 30 pounds.

I’m still passionate about cross-stitching and will probably post some photos of projects I’ve finished since my last post – there are quite a few!  So far this year, I’ve finished stitching 6 small charts (under 5″x 5″).


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