Lovely, but…


Waaayyy back on March 23, I began stitching an adorable design from The Vermillion Stitchery’s Bunny Collection. I finished last night and love how it turned out. ¬†Stitching it…didn’t love that nearly as much.

So what’s up with that? I’m so glad you asked! The Bunny Collection is a packet of 9 counted cross-stitch designs featuring…you guessed it!…bunnies ūüôā They’re all very cute – lots of flowers and cute bunny faces. But then I got started.

Before stitching, I made a high-quality copy so I can use a highlighter to keep track of my stitching; not a problem since all the charts are black & white. I gathered all my DMC embroidery floss (over 30 colors in this design). Part-way through, I found a symbol that wasn’t on the listing. After looking through several other charts in the packet, I found the symbol and ran to the store to get the appropriate color thread. Back to stitching. Then, I found another mysterious symbol. Once again, I searched through other charts to find it and ran to the craft store. Sigh…

Ok, fast-forward to backstitching. ¬†Some of the outline symbols were hard to read, but it wasn’t too frustrating. Until I got to the blue flowers. The outline symbol on the chart (I had returned to the original chart by now, to make sure I read the backstitching right) was so hard to read! Maybe it would’ve been better if I had enlarged the chart about 10 times… Anyway, I finally finished last night and I’m very happy with the result. It will probably end up being a Christmas gift for some special person, but don’t tell!

As for The Bunny Collection, I don’t plan to keep this chart pack (hello, ebay!) and will probably never buy another thing by The Vermillion Stitchery. That’s ok, though, because there are plenty of other talented designers out there that I like better anyway ūüôā

Happy Stitching!!

PS: ¬†I was in Michael’s yesterday with my daughter, getting ideas for wedding stuff (June 20 is the big day!) and found some really cute wood picture frames on sale (buy one, get one half off!). ¬†I bought a few and plan to get some things framed soon so I can (finally!!) open my etsy shop, The Timid Kitty.

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Easter Stitching


On March 4, I finished stitching this sweet¬†little Easter design by Maria Diaz. ¬†It’s from the book, Ultimate Cross Stitch Cards, Voilume 3 (2014). ¬†I thought it was very cute and it stitched up pretty quickly. ¬†I had to use a different shade of gray for my backstitch because¬†one of the cats (probably KittyPuff)¬†decided to play with the designated color; the skein was in a hopeless tangle, LOL. ¬†I’m thinking about making this into a little cushion to hang from a door knob.

In other news, we’ve had about 10″ of¬†snow here in Maryland. ¬†Not as much as our pals up in New England, but still more than enough. ¬†I love cold weather and snow (and sitting in a warm house, stitching), but even I am ready for spring. ¬†The dogs are especially enjoying the deeper snow! ¬†Gizmo is pretty-much buried in the stuff, poor little guy, but he bounces around and plays as best he can. ¬†Bonny loves to race through the snow at top speed¬†but, like Gizmo, she doesn’t want to stay outside too long. ¬†The “new” dog, Mariska would stay out and play in the snow all day long, LOL; she loves to toss her toys around, “lose” them in the snow, and dig frantically to find them. ¬†It’s hilarious to watch!

Whatever the weather in your neck of the woods, I hope you’re finding plenty of time for stitching!