What’s Going on…

What’s going on at your house today?

Right now, I’m listening to my 9-month-old grandson fuss (mumm, mumm, waaah…) – he’s probably waiting for his momma to get him a bottle.  I’m also listening to his momma (my daughter) comforting him while talking to his big sister (age 2).  Big sister is making silly sounds and laughing.

I’m waiting for the phone to ring – expecting a call from an air conditioning technician.  Our a/c stopped working and it’s getting rather warm in the house.  I hate summer.  If we’re not throwing bundles of money at the pool for chemicals, equipment, toys, and swimsuits, we’re tossing cash at the yard (mulch) or the mowers (gas, maintenance) or…for the first time in a while…the a/c system.  We had a geothermal system installed 3-4 years ago and it’s worked great until today.  Of course, it quits on a weekend so we have to pay overtime to the technician who comes to fix it.  Of course, as much as I hate hot weather, the extra money is worth it, LOL.

I also have a lot to do – on Wednesday, we’re having a pizza & swim party for the Handsome Hubby’s 51st birthday.  The house needs to be cleaned, the yard mowed & tidied, the pool area cleaned up (we haven’t used it yet), and I need to prepare food and cake.  In the midst of all this, I need to drive my daughter to her ECT appointments that start Monday; her hubby will stay home and tend the children, so it’s all good.

I’ve been wearing a brace on my ankle for the past week (spend last Sunday night in the ER) – sprain or tendinitis or something wonky with my ankle.  Still hurts like h-e-double-hockey-sticks 😉

I’m trying to keep a positive attitude, but I’m concerned that everything won’t get done in time.  Oh, well…if it’s not perfect, we’ll survive 😉

Have a great weekend!


Oh!  The a/c technician called!  He’ll be here in a little while!  WHOOT!


Rain, Rain, Rainy, Rain

I enjoy foul weather.  Thunderstorms bring me immense happiness.  Snowstorms are glorious.  Grey, rainy days are divine!

Even I have my limits, however.  At first, we had warm, spring-like, rainy days – rather pleasant.  Then we had boiling hot, summertime rainy days.  Now, we’re back to chilly, sopping, miserable days…and it’s supposed to last until the middle of next week.

Excuse me, Mother Nature, but I’m done.  Done with the patter of rain on the windows, flooded streets, and the mud tracked in by the dogs.  Done with wet feet, and general dampness, and grandchildren who are stir-crazy from being cooped up indoors.

If it’s raining where you are, I hope it stops soon.  If you need the rain, I’m happy to send this deluge your way.  I’m definitely ready for a break from the rain…and looking forward to the next thunderstorm.

Have Fun, whatever the weather!

What Happened to Spring?

It seemed like winter would never end, but I didn’t mind.  It’s no secret that I love cold weather.

Now, it’s supposedly springtime…warming temperatures, April showers, May flowers, and all that happy stuff.  “So, why is it 90-bloody-degrees outside?” she shrieked.

Seriously, folks, this is ridiculous weather for May.  My daughter and I just took her dog to the vet.  We spent very little time outside, but it was hot enough that it made me feel ill.  I wasn’t expecting temps like this for at least another few weeks…maybe a month.

In general, I don’t like summer and I don’t do well in heat and humidity.  If these temperatures are any indication of how hot this summer is going to be, I think I’ll spend it indoors!

Stay Cool!!

Change is NOT Easy

Happy Saturday, everyone!  It’s a beautiful, blue-sky day in Maryland – my daughter & son-in-law have already taken their kids and dog for a nice walk around the neighborhood this morning because it’s going to get hot, hot, hot this afternoon.  My allergies have been acting up, so I’m spending lots of time indoors.

As I mentioned in my last post, my daughter and her family moved in with us.  Our house is not huge, so things are feeling more than a bit crowded, LOL.  We’re all trying to make it work – thoughtfulness and cooperation are keys to happiness in this situation.  Change is not easy for me (or my cats!) (or my husband!), but we’re trying to keep a positive attitude.  Sometimes, I’m just positive that this is not going to turn out well, LOL.

I do, however, enjoy hanging out with my grandchildren.  My granddaughter is 2 and her baby brother is 8 months.  She loves to talk and dance and sing songs, as well as help with housework.  Just this morning, she helped unload the dishwasher!  She would pick up a dish and I would tell her to give it to Poppy.  She would tell him, “Here ya go!” and he put the dish away.  It was so sweet!!  Baby Bro has figured out how to pull himself up onto his feet!  He’s a smiley boy who loves his big sister and the dogs (they all love him, too).

With all that’s been going on, I haven’t cross-stitched anything in about a week and it’s driving me nuts!  Maybe I’ll take some time this afternoon to relax and stitch and enjoy the sunny day from the sun room.

Happy Stitching!


Clean & Organized

Happy Friday Eve!

I’ve spent the day cleaning and reorganizing the kitchen and living room because my daughter, son-in-law, and their 2 children are moving in this weekend and we need as much space as possible.  I moved my desk out of the living room and replaced it with a bookshelf from the kitchen.  All the toys are now on the shelf.  Kitchen cabinets are organized & tidy, so everyone can find the things they need.  We have plenty of space in the kitchen for all of us to eat (including 2 in high chairs) without tripping over each other.  I’m tired, but it’s a good kind of tired.

Tomorrow, they’re going to use our truck to haul boxes and boxes of stuff while I watch the kids.  I guess the boxes will reside in the living room until we figure out where to put them.  Tomorrow evening, Hubby and son-in-law are going to move the furniture from the office and the library to the basement.  Saturday morning, furniture will arrive and bedrooms will be set up.  Sunday, a final walk-thru of their apartment to make sure nothing was forgotten.  Monday, I start my new job!

I think I’m going to need a weekend to recover from this weekend…

Have Fun and try to find a little time for stitching!


Hello, again!

Things have been busier than usual, lately.  As I’m writing this, my Handsome Hubby is at the hospital visiting his father who has been in & out of the hospital over the past few months.  I’m training a psychiatric service dog for my daughter.  Hubby & I returned from the Detroit area last week, where we set up a booth at the NAMES Expo.  We’re rearranging the house in preparation for our daughter, son-in-law, and their 2 small children to move in for a few months.  On top of that, I start a new job next week!  It’s my first “real” job since 1993, so I’m pretty excited and nervous and maybe a little terrified, LOL.  I’ll be working as an Administrative Assistant at a church.  Hopefully, I’ll have the time (and energy!) to continue my blog.

In stitching news, I’m working on project number 12 or 13 for the year – a cute little bird on a teacup.  It’s going slowly because I’m having trouble finding time to stitch, with all the other things going on.  I’ll post a photo when I finish.

I recently stitched a cute Birthday Mouse from Lucie Heaton’s Furry Tales collection.  I framed it and presented it to my granddaughter on her 2nd birthday; she loved it!

I hope you’re stitching merrily along!



I’m Baaack!

Finally, I have a chance to take a breath and get back to blogging!

Life in our household since 2015 has been incredibly full, but here’s a quick summary.  Right before I took my blogging vacation, my daughter got married and moved from Maryland to Nebraska.  My oldest child was already married, so the full impact of our Empty Nest set in.  Just as we were getting used to the empty nest, our daughter & her husband decided they didn’t much like the midwest, so they moved back here to live with us until they found employment and an apartment.  In April of 2016, my daughter gave birth to the loveliest child I’ve ever seen – my very first grandchild, a little girl!  A few months later, they all moved into a cute little apartment around the corner from us.  Life was good, even though I had no energy…but I was losing weight, so I didn’t care, LOL.  2017 brought a new grandchild (a boy!), a total weight loss of 83 pounds, some health issues for me (including severe anemia), and several medical procedures & surgeries.  My final surgery was right after Thanksgiving (6 hours & 7 incisions!!) and I’m feeling much better now!

So far, 2018 is looking pretty good, even though I’ve gained back about 30 pounds.

I’m still passionate about cross-stitching and will probably post some photos of projects I’ve finished since my last post – there are quite a few!  So far this year, I’ve finished stitching 6 small charts (under 5″x 5″).