Easter Stitching


On March 4, I finished stitching this sweet little Easter design by Maria Diaz.  It’s from the book, Ultimate Cross Stitch Cards, Voilume 3 (2014).  I thought it was very cute and it stitched up pretty quickly.  I had to use a different shade of gray for my backstitch because one of the cats (probably KittyPuff) decided to play with the designated color; the skein was in a hopeless tangle, LOL.  I’m thinking about making this into a little cushion to hang from a door knob.

In other news, we’ve had about 10″ of snow here in Maryland.  Not as much as our pals up in New England, but still more than enough.  I love cold weather and snow (and sitting in a warm house, stitching), but even I am ready for spring.  The dogs are especially enjoying the deeper snow!  Gizmo is pretty-much buried in the stuff, poor little guy, but he bounces around and plays as best he can.  Bonny loves to race through the snow at top speed but, like Gizmo, she doesn’t want to stay outside too long.  The “new” dog, Mariska would stay out and play in the snow all day long, LOL; she loves to toss her toys around, “lose” them in the snow, and dig frantically to find them.  It’s hilarious to watch!

Whatever the weather in your neck of the woods, I hope you’re finding plenty of time for stitching!


Turtle Time!

I just finished this cute little stitch 🙂  It’s the Turtle from Cross Stitcher #267 (July 2013), designed by Fiona Crouch.  It’s intended to be made into a key ring, but I’m not sure how I’m going to finish it.  We’ll see!

In case anyone’s interested, it’s still snowing 😀

Happy Stitching!

Cross Stitch Turtle

Snow! Beautiful Snow!

We’re having a snow day here in Maryland!  The forecast is for 8-10″ of the glorious white stuff by tomorrow morning, so you know I’m happy 😀  The only thing that would make today perfect would be a roaring fire in the fireplace, but we’re out of wood, so that’s not gonna happen.

Fortunately, none of us have to drive this afternoon.  Daughter was supposed to work this morning, so Hubby took her out there,  They sent her home and the mall closed soon after.  Before heading back home, they stopped by Starbucks and brought treats for all of us.  They brought me some yummy hot chocolate (my favorite!) and a luscious chocolate croissant.  Believe me, I didn’t mind!

We’re curious about whether church will be delayed or canceled tomorrow morning and also hoping that the roads will be OK for Daughter to drive to work.

I did some housework this morning, then watched The Devil Wears Prada with Daughter.  That’s such an awesome film!  Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway can’t be beat!  Now, I’m getting ready to do some stitching.  Hopefully, I’ll finish my current little project this afternoon; then I might start on a little something for Easter.  But I just bought 2 new cross-stitch magazines, so we’ll have to see if something else catches my eye 😉

Enjoy your afternoon and, if it’s snowing where you are, stay safe & warm!

Happy Stitching!!

Just Joking?

Lately, I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot of jokes about mental illness. I used to think they were funny, but then my family was touched by mental illness and my perspective changed drastically. Mental illness is a serious MEDICAL CONDITION. People generally don’t joke about cancer or AIDS.  Why joke about mental illness?

Depression is more than just “feeling a little blue.” It’s a long-term, debilitating sadness, but it’s more than sadness…it’s hopelessness and wondering why you’re even trying…it’s feeling like life is pointless, like YOU are pointless. Food has no taste, activities are just reminders of how inept you feel, LIFE has no flavor. It’s a miserable existence that can be treated, but never cured.

Anxiety is more that just being a “worrier.” It’s middle-of-the-night panic that wakes you in a cold sweat. It’s “I can’t stop crying and I’m freaking out and I don’t really know why.” It’s trips to the ER because you’re freaking out about nothing in particular (or something in particular; you just never know). It’s never knowing when a panic attack will sneak up on you and kick your @$$ to the curb. It can be treated, but not cured.

For those who think that OCD means someone is just an ultra-perfectionist, it’s much, much more. It’s more than just wanting things to be tidy (not everyone with OCD is extra-tidy, BTW). It involves Obsessions and Compulsions (that means you HAVE to do certain things or you believe something bad will happen). It can be treated, but not cured.

Once again, I have to say that mental illness isn’t quirky or fun. It’s miserable.

Quick Update


I hope all my US peeps had a great Thanksgiving!  We spent the day at my in-laws’ house; it was quite pleasant.  I don’t really remember much from the ride home because I was in a pumpkin pie coma.  Yes, my MIL’s pie is THAT GOOD!

Things have been pretty hectic around here for the past couple months.

I’m still working on getting my Etsy shop, The Timid Kitty, open for business.  I’m also learning to take better photos of my items – I never realized how awful my photography skills were, lol.

This month, I’m working on Christmas gifts (almost no shopping, except for craft supplies), trying to get things ready for Etsy, making time for family & church Christmas activities…and I just remembered that I need to do Christmas cards!  ACK!

I’ve managed to set up my new sewing space in the sun room.  I’ll try to post pix one of these days 🙂 It’s very cozy, but I definitely need a chair with wheels.  Right now, I’m using one of our dining room chairs and it’s just not working well.

Yesterday, I made the first embroidered lace Christmas ornament of the season.  It looks black, in the photo, but it’s actually dark purple.

I plan to spend today Cross-Stitching.  I might embroider another ornament…we’ll see 😀

Happy Stitching!

lace ornament