Panda Love!

Good Evening, Stitchy Pals!

On March 10, I began stitching the Mummy Panda from CrossStitcher issue #288.  I just finished it tonight!  The finished design is stitched on 14-count white aida and measures about 2.75″ x 4.25″.  I think this will make a lovely little pillow or wall-hanging.

This project came with a few challenges, but nothing that couldn’t be overcome 😉  First, I wasn’t feeling well and found out that I have Shingles; the pain from that has slowed my stitching a bit.  Second, I ran out of black embroidery floss when I had just FIVE stitches remaining!  Fortunately, I found a just-barely-long-enough scrap of floss and was able to finish the black stitching.  Whew!

I wish you all good health and Happy Stitching!



Fellow Stitchers, is there anything more frustrating than beginning a cross-stitch project and then realizing (after stitching for several days) that you’ve cut your fabric too small?

That just happened to me with the project I just began from Cross Stitcher magazine, issue 241. I was working on the Share a Little Happiness chart – finished the word “Little” and was starting on the blue flower beside it when I realized…”this is NOT all going to fit on this piece of aida.” Hmmm…how did that happen?!?! Before cutting the aida, I calculated & measured and calculated & measured again, just to be sure. IDK what happened, but It was too small. My daughter, looking at the bright side, commented that it was a good thing I noticed before I got too much farther along on the project 🙂

Fortunately, I was able to salvage most of the fabric to use for smaller projects.

In fact, that’s exactly what I did! I began stitching a small floral design that I hope to finish and post on here in a couple days. It may even turn up as a prize for a future Movie Quote Tuesday, so remember to visit & take your best guess!

Happy Stitching!