Puppy Training

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

It’s a cold, cloudy day in Maryland and I’m hoping for a bit of snow this evening and tomorrow.  Since it’ll probably be the last snow of the season, I’d like to see a bunch!  So far this winter, we haven’t had more than about 3″ of snow, which is very sad.

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been working on training a psychiatric service dog for my daughter.  The pup’s name is Lila.  She’s a boxer mix…about 8 months old, 35 pounds, and came to us from the local Humane Society.  So far, she’s learned “sit” and “lie down.”  Lila walks fairly well on a leash and is house-trained, too.  She gets along fairly well with the other dogs, but the cats don’t like her one bit!  In fact, the kitties have been hiding in the basement ever since Lila came to live here.  They venture upstairs at night when she’s asleep in her cage.  Lila is very affectionate and adores my grandchildren (ages 22 months and 6 months), which is wonderful since she’ll be living with them very soon!

At this point, Lila still has a lot to learn:  not jumping on people (or the kitchen table), to stop wrestling with the other dogs when we say so, that the other dogs’ legs are not chew toys, cats are not for chasing, the kitchen table is off limits, pens are not chew toys, and so many, many other things!

Lila will be heading to a special boot camp program soon to help with her training.  Then, she’ll be ready to take on the duties of a service dog!


OW! is Not My Friend

I have my stitching mojo back and was ready to continue on my current WIP and then…the dog bit the living snot out of my finger!  Our foster dog, Philip the Yorkie-Poo, didn’t like the way I was holding him, so he grabbed my pointer finger in his sharp little teeth and SHOOK it.  OW!  Double-OW!  My finger is all bruised, bloody, and swollen, so I can’t hold my embroidery hoop 😦  I guess my stitching mojo will just have to be on hold for a day or two.

There are days when I just love that little dog to pieces and days when I can’t wait for a good forever home to be found.  Obviously, today has been the latter :-\

Good news, though!  The shelter we’re working with has an applicant for Philip!  They’ve done the phone interview and things are looking quite promising.  Next comes the home visit where they’ll take Philip to meet the applicant and their dog (a Lhasa Apso).

Even though my mojo is on hold for a few days, I wish you all Happy Stitching!

Happy 2014!

I am SO sorry! It’s been over a month since my last post! It certainly doesn’t feel like it’s been a month, that’s for sure. A week, maybe, but definitely NOT a month!

I hope you all, dear readers, are well and enjoying the beginning of 2014. My family is happy and healthy and working hard.

We have a new family member! A few days ago, my hubby and daughter brought home a dog. Philip is a 3-year-old yorkie-poo; very cute and sweet. The problem? I don’t want another dog. A good bit of the time, I barely want the ones we have (though I love them dearly). Of course, Philip is using every trick in his cuteness arsenal to win me over, lol. Right now, he’s lying on the desk while I’m typing 🙂 I must admit that my resolve is weakening…he’s such a cutie-pie, gazing at me with those big, expressive eyes.

My husband says that his original intent was for us to help a friend by “fostering” Philip until we could find him a good “forever” home. Yeah, right. Even the other dogs seemed to like Philip from day one! The cats pretty much ignore all the dogs, so that’s not an issue. Our daughter is already in love with Philip; she and her fiance hope to take him with them when they marry…if they can find an apartment that allows pets. We’ll see!

I don’t have any new cross-stitch projects in the works, just the same Christmas design I’ve been trying to work for months. *sigh* I just can’t seem to find time for stitching. One of my 2014 goals is to find as much time to stitch as possible. So far, not so good, but there’s time for improvement 😉

Here’s to a great 2014! Stitch joyously!